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Are You a Part of The Sandwich Generation?

Are your responsibilities consuming more and more of your time and schedule? You're not the only one struggling to balance work and family obligations. Many folks are in the process of learning how to care for both their children and their elderly parents simultaneously. You are a member of the sandwich generation if you are trying to figure out how to go to your high schooler's basketball game while also having to renew your parents' medication.

What Is a Sandwich Generation?

The sandwich generation refers to middle-aged people who are forced to care for both their elderly parents and their young ones at the same time. "Sandwich generation" refers to those who must care for their parents, who may be unwell, unable to do different chores, or in need of financial help; as well as their offspring, who need money, physical, and emotional aid.

As people are living longer and having children later in life, the sandwich generation is becoming more common, and their kids are returning to their childhood homes as a result.

Examples of the Sandwich Generation

Let's take a look at a few instances to make the sandwich generation concept very obvious.

· You've just given birth to your first kid at the age of 35. You have to keep an eye on your 60-year-old parents who are starting to show signs of sickness while caring for a baby. As your kid grows older, the load will only become heavier.

· Whether it's due to a handicap or the state of the economy, your 28-year-old son is still living at home and financially dependent on you. Additionally, you're hosting your 75-year-old mother at your house due to her inability to finance a senior care facility. It is imperative that you provide for both generations at the same time.

· You're surrounded by three toddlers and a five-year-old. The two of them keep you occupied enough, but your father, 65, has been in critical condition for some time. If you want to help him, you need to make time to see him and take him to doctor's visits as well. And don't forget to make it into the office on time!

How Can Home Care Agencies Relieve the Stress from sandwich generation?

Regardless of whether or not they have children, any family caregiver might feel "sandwiched." Even the most laid-back person can feel the strain of juggling a job, a family, and other responsibilities.

Taking care of a loved one changes the dynamics of the parent-child relationship in many ways. You take on the role of the one in charge, balancing many problems at once while attempting to keep everyone's life on track, including yours.

It's possible that you have a hard time asking for assistance, but practice makes perfect. Stress among caregivers is a real problem. You can prevent stress and improve your physical and mental well-being by obtaining at least part of the home care agency services you need. Concerned about the care of a loved one? It's time to start looking for home care agency services that can assist you.

It may well be possible for you to ask your supervisor whether he or she would allow you to work from home a few days a week. Even though this may not be the best answer for you, it's okay to be creative when you have a lot on your plate.

Another option is to hire a professional home care agency like Premium Home Care. Depending on your specific requirements, Premium Home Care can provide both respite care and regular help.

Contact Premium Home Care at 718-259-7113 now to learn more about home care services options and how we can assist you in regaining your sense of well-being.


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